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How to Choose the Right Sushi?

A Guide to Picking the Perfect Sushi for You!

People usually associate the Japanese delight "sushi" with raw fish. You are not wrong! The majority of sushi out there is made with raw fish. However, there is a modern range of sushi that is cooked as well.

Let us start by introducing the three main categories of sushi, these are Sashimi, Nigiri and Makimono. There are two other types as well called Temaki and Uramaki, but they are usually categorised under Makimono for simplicity.

Sashimi is a fresh slice of meat, served without any other ingredients. It is cut in a special way so that it melts in your mouth within one bite. If you are a big fan of raw fish then you should try out the (#16) Salmon Sashimi, (#20) Tuna Sashimi, or the (#21) Red Snapper Sashimi, which is all freshly imported. If you would like to taste test a few fish and shellfish, then you should go for the signature Sashimi Platters.

Sushi also uses rice, which is placed with a thin slice of seafood or rolled up in a sheet of nori (seaweed). Sushi that has a thin slice of raw seafood over sushi rice if called Nigiri. The sushi rice is mixed with sushi vinegar to get that savoury-sweet taste. Sounds simple, but to extract maximum flavour and to get the perfect texture, you need the right amount of ingredients and the right rice temperature.

If it's your first time having Nigiri, then you should go for the Mixed Nigiri Platters, which has four to five different type of fish and shellfish served on sushi rice. If you just want a bite and give it a try, then you can go for the (#2) A La Carte Nigiri, which is two pieces of Nigiri of your choice. Our Surimi Crab Nigiri and our Prawn Nigiri is cooked so that we can extract that sweet-salty flavour from the shellfish.

Nigiri sushi usually comes raw, however, there is the option to have it half-cooked or fully cooked by torching the fish with a fire torch. Torching has been a practice in many Japanese restaurants around the world. By torching, you are melting all the healthy fats of the fish which gives it a unique flavour to the Nigiri. It's like using a flame thrower to caramelise the sugar of your Crème brûlée. When you choose your order from our online ordering platform, there is an option to have your Nirgiri torched!

The most popular sushi is the Makimono or Maki, which comes in a form of a roll that includes seafood, shellfish or vegetables and is rolled in sushi rice with a layer of dry nori (seaweed). The seafood filling can be either raw or cooked. The most popular raw Maki would be our (#28) Special Maki, (#42) Spicy Salmon Maki, and our signature (#37) Rainbow Maki. If you prefer cooked, then we would recommend trying out the (#23) Prawn Dynamite Maki, (#32) Tempura Maki, or the (#39) Chicken Teriyaki Maki. Maki is almost like a healthier version of Roll Paratha, you have the skin, the fillings and the sauce.

Uramaki is the opposite of Maki, the rice is the outer layer while the nori (seaweed) is on the inside. You can imagine it as an inverse Maki rolls. Raw or cooked fish is rolled up with nori (seaweed) and sushi rice along with some vegetable and sauces. Most of the Maki rolls recommended in the previous paragraph are Uramaki rolls. They are made exactly the same way, the only difference is in the looks. Temaki is almost like a sushi ice cream! It is basically coned shaped nori (seaweed) filled with raw fish, sushi rice and some seasonal vegetables.

Sushi is not all about seafood and shellfish. There is a wide range of vegetarian options as well. If you want some protein then you should go for the (#12) Tamago Nigiri, which is a thin layered Japanese omelette served on sushi rice or the (#29) Tamago Maki, which is Japanese omelette rolled in sushi rice and nori (seaweed). There is also the (#33) Kapa Maki, which is cucumber rolled in sushi rice and nori (seaweed), with the option to add seasonal vegetables.

Sushi can be quite filling as an appetizer but it is never enough on its own. It is always good to have sushi with a warm bowl of (#57) Miso Soup and some Japanese, Chinese or Korean main course to continue with. If you have never tried raw fish, then you need to try raw sushi because it's more than just raw fish!

Have a look at our menu to explore some of the sushi available. If you would like to order online for takeout or deliveries, then just click here! If you have any questions, please feel free to WhatsApp us on 0518441140 or send us an email at!

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